DeLeonardo Farrier Consultation Services

Gwen Davies DeLeonardo.

Trainer, Boarding Facility Director

We are a family run business. I do the consulting, thermal imaging and lecturing, my wife Gwen who owns and operates our training and boarding facility- DeLeonardo Training Center and my sister Elena is my Business Manager.

During this time of transition from full-time shoeing to consultant "shoeing" in lower limb specialty cases and consultant speaking engagements. I am looking forward to helping those owners, trainers, and riders in need of assistance with their horse who has a lower limb issue. 

Should the need arise I do work closely with veterinarians throughout the United States. I will be glad to do consulting work with you, your veterinarian and your trainer to ensure your horse will be ready for your riding needs.

I can offer a place to board while your horse is rehabbing or if you need an overnight padic should the need arise. 
Business Manager
Owner, Head Farrier Consultant

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