Why Choose Us?

Real Correctness.
At DeLeonardo Training Center all of our riders are trained classically to develop an independent hand, seat, and leg. 

Real Success.
While our show team is technically successful, success in our barn is measured by reaching and surpassing your individual goals with your horse, not by the ribbons you bring home.

Real Love.
Learning to ride is not just a skill, it's a relationship. We really love our horses and it shows. Our connection with our horses plays a vital part in our success in the show ring– and our success as equestrians. Many of our show ring stars were once rescue and rehabilitation cases. 

Come Visit Us!

Welcome to DeLeonardo Training Center, a place where horse and rider can grow together by increasing communication, developing a strong foundation skill set, and employing gentle methods for multiple disciplines. We create well-rounded horses and knowledgeable riders who have a love of learning and a love and respect for one another that is unparalleled.

Whether your goal is to create a dependable trail horse, a well rounded and finished show horse, a well started young horse ready to choose a direction, condition and market a horse for sale, or correct unwanted behaviors and patterns, we can help. All breeds and disciplines welcome.

If you are looking for a place for your child to take lessons, look no further! We have beautiful, well-trained school horses and our students go to several shows each season. We have a fantastic children's program as well as many adult students. All ages and experience level are welcome. Western, Hunt Seat, Jumping, Dressage, Horsemanship, and Trail lessons are available. Riders learn all phases of horsemanship from catching, grooming, and tacking up, all the way to the advanced skills to show a horse or take them down a trail. Emphasis placed on the development of independent seat, hand, leg, and basic communication skills between horse and rider.

With over 80 years of combined experience working with horses, DeLeonardo Training Center focuses on helping horses and equestrians meet their full potential whether they are hitting the national show ring or heading for the trails. Gwen Davies DeLeonardo focuses on the training aspects, utilizing her extensive experiences in hunt seat, dressage, Sport Horse, western pleasure, equitation, jumping, colt starting, stallion management, and behavioral correction.Michael Deleonardo C.J.F, A.P.F is an International Hall of Fame farrier who oversees the herd here at DeLeonardo Training Center. With the help of his crew of highly dedicated and knowledgeable farriers our horses are brought to the next level in their performance by enabling them to find their full athletic potential without pushing them beyond their own physical limitations. In addition we utililze the latest in thermal imaging technology to help diagnose issues of soreness, lameness, and saddle fit to give our equine athletes the best care that results in the best possible performance. These images are analyzed by experts in thermography. If you are interested in learning more about DeLeonardo Farrier Service click HERE. Although the couple are long time enthusiast of Arabians, all breeds are welcome to come and grow with us. 

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