Texas- Quarter Horse, 18 years


The feet have medial to lateral and anterior to posterior imbalances. There is Hi/Lo heel syndrome in the LF/RF and RH/LH feet respectively. This puts undue strain on the structures within the foot as well as proximal to the foot. Fetlock joints, suspensory tendons, flexor tendons and navicular bone/bursa all are affected. It also affects the postural muscles and spine.

Oregon- Hannoverian, 11 years


Increased heat in all four feet with uneven pressure along the coronary band, greater in medial right front with extension into pastern area.Increase heat left front foot at quarters, the uneven pressure at heel bulbs, increased heat right front sole at lateral quarters and collateral grooves. There is also uneven pressure at heel bulbs.

Utah-  Quarter Horse,18 years old


Hoof imbalance, uneven limb loading, hi/low heel syndrome in front and hind limbs; improperly designed trailers on shoes.

Oregon- Quarter Horse, 5 years old


All four feet and heels have heat, imbalance, and inflammation. The front feet have under-run heels, long toes and lack of lateral to medial balance. This caused strain on the tendons, ligaments, and joints of the front limbs and posture change. 

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There also seems to be bruising of the foot sole area on the right and left along with the bars coming in too much. Michael worked with the farrier to relieve the bruising using soft padding with a ridged pad adjusted the method of shoeing to accommodate the horses riding style and injury.

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California- Arabian, 9 years old


Uneven limb loading and/or hoof imbalances. There was asymmetry in the front feet with heat greater in the left front foot which may be due to primary inflammation or secondary to off-loading of the right front foot. The right shoe seems to be set unevenly. There is asymmetry in the right hind with heat increased at the toe possible due to pain in the heel or uneven loading due to pain elsewhere in the limb.

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