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During Michaels 45 years of practice, he has placed shoes on all breeds and disciplines working with veterinarians and trainers both throughout the US and around the world. He has mastered the most current shoeing techniques and enjoys customizing shoes for the discipline in which the horse is being ridden or the injury that needs to be addressed.

DeLeonardo Farrier Service has been a cornerstone in the Central Coast area in California for the past 30 years. Michael has shod all breeds and disciplines of horses for over 45 years. Since the beginning, DeLeonardo Farrier Service has been committed to providing the best care for your equine. He takes great pride in the service that he provides to you.

Whole Horse Consulting from someone who is trusted in the industry.

Equine Consultant Solutions, Michael DeLeonrdo Jr, CJF

Michael pays special attention to each horse and riding discipline making sure to take make note of even the slightest changes in the horse's hoof from appointment to the next. Each horse is different  and he strives to optimize both the horse's ability and soundness .If you'd like to learn more read more about Michael at Equine Consultation Solutions.

It's Your Horse But Our Reputation

Michael travels throughout the United States and out of the country. He is more than happy to do consultations with owner, trainer, veterinarian and farrier to restore your horse to whole wellness.


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Michael DeLeonardo Jr., CJF,APF

Certified Journeyman Farrier